Sutra Academy is a Hamilton born Indian Classical Dance School specialising in Bharatanatyam, one of the oldest performing dance forms in the world dating back to 200 CE and originating in the Indian Sub-continent. The aim of Sutra Academy is to propagate this ancient art form, with it’s fine form and beauty to the current generation of New Zealanders, not exclusively from an Indian ethnicity but inclusive to all backgrounds and cultures so that it can continue to be enjoyed and continue to develop as a rich and entertaining form of performance art and a sophisticated meditation and exercise form.



      The Kalakshetra style is noted for its angular, straight, ballet-like kinesthetics, and its avoidance of Recakas and of the uninhibited throw (Ksepa) of the limbs. This style was developed by Rukmini Devi Arundale. She founded Kalakshetra, later known as the Kalakshetra Foundation, along with her husband, George Arundale, a well-known theosophist, in Adyar, Chennai, in 1936.


      • All Beginners: $10/- (45 minutes)


      • Grade 1: $12/- (1 hour)
      • Grade 2 and 3: $15/- (1 hour)
      • Grade 4 & 5: $18/- (1 hour)
      • Grade 6 (Diploma Level Graduation / Completion of Arangetram: $20/- (1 hour)

      Public Exams (Bharatanatyam)

      Not compulsory. If your child wish to attend theory and practical

      • Grade 1: $50/-
      • Grade 2 and 3: $75/-
      • Grade 4: $100/-
      • Grade 5: $125/-
      • Grade 6: $150/-

      Exams Syllabus

      • Public Examination in Bharatanatyam

      Recent & Upcoming Events



      Bharatanatyam Extravaganza 2017

      The Inaugural Sutra Academy Bharatanatyam Programme featuring Sutra students and accompanied by Live Musicians. Venue: Playhouse Theater, Gallagher...

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      Bharatanatyam Extravaganza 2018

      Starring more than 40 of Sutra Academy students and accompanied by Live Musicians from New Zealand, Malaysia and...

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